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  • 《This is me》MP3音频课件

    《This is me》MP3音频课件

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级上册 日期:2018-08-14

    《This is me》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:牛津译林版七年级上册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《This is me》音频下载,.mp3格式;...

  • 《This is me》PPT

    《This is me》PPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级上册 日期:2018-08-14

    《This is me》PPT 第一部分内容:Self-Introduction Hello, boys and girls. Im your new English teacher. My name is Cloudy Huang, You can call me Mr. Huang I like making friends. And I like animals too. Free talk Do you like making friends ?...

  • 《This is me》TaskPPT

    《This is me》TaskPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级上册 日期:2018-08-14

    《This is me》TaskPPT 第一部分内容:Listening Listen to the profile about this boy. Then answer some questions 1.What is his name? His name is Daniel. 2.Where was he born? He was born in Nanjing. 3.How old is he? He is 12 years old. 4. Wha...

  • 《This is me》readingPPT课件

    《This is me》readingPPT课件

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级上册 日期:2018-08-14

    《This is me》readingPPT课件 第一部分内容:My profile What is your name? My name is ____________. Where do you live? I live in_________________. How old are you? I am____________________. What are you like? Hair I have ____ hair and ____ey...

  • 《This is me》readingPPT

    《This is me》readingPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级上册 日期:2018-08-14

    《This is me》readingPPT 第一部分内容:新课导入 They are all in Grade Seven Hi Im Millie a new student at Sunshine Middle School. Im 12 years old. I have short hair. I love reading. Now lets meet my new classmates. Read and fill in the blan...

  • 《This is me》GrammarPPT

    《This is me》GrammarPPT

    栏目:牛津译林版英语七年级上册 日期:2018-08-14

    《This is me》GrammarPPT 第一部分内容:学习be be动词的用法 am is are be动词的种类 be动词包括am is are三种形式。 第一人称单数(I)配合am来用。 句型解析析:I am+ I am Snoopy. I am ten years old. I am a student. I am a boy. 第二人称(You)配合are...

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